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Clients and educators have recognized the successful offering of multi-style Pilates offered at Providence Pilates. What does that mean for you, the new client? 


That means I'm constantly altering my teaching style to meet your needs. One day you may want a more athletic workout, the next session your body may be in need of more stretching, or maybe a combination feels right to you that day. My goal is to offer you an experience that you want to repeat, knowing the more you repeat, the faster you will achieve your desired results. I offer both athletic and rehabilitation processes of Pilates to work with existing injuries. I am also certified in pre and post-natal Pilates, as well as scoliosis. 


About... the studio:


Providence Pilates is an in-home studio located in the north Delaware Park area of Buffalo. Situated at 145 Middlesex Road, you will find comforts and conveniences other studios in the city are unable to offer. First, parking is a breeze! You will always have front-row parking, regardless of weather, saving you valuable time and money (no meters). The comfort of being in my home means you can insure privacy, peace, and quiet for your session. We will focus on you, and only you during our time together. Your Pilates experience will also include state-of-the-art equipment, the best Buffalo has to offer!  


About... Leslie's personal story: Why Pilates?  


At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After undergoing several surgeries, I felt both physically and emotionally drained. My muscles were weak and I felt very fragile on the inside and out. The thought of walking into a Pilates studio was just plain scary. The machines were foreign to me and quite frankly, they looked intimidating. I had no idea at the time that a steady Pilates practice would restore my strength, both mentally and physically. After regaining my strength (and then some...I am much stronger now than I was pre-surgeries), it was a no-brainer, I wanted to help others not only regain their strength, but also their confidence. I walk taller now, not just because my core is strong, but because I feel good in my healthy body. 


And then there was the snowball effect…the better care I took care of my outer-body, the more I wanted to take care of my inner-body. This led me to the healthy lifestyle eating I have coached many of my clients through. After watching me lose 25 pounds in three months through food and Pilates, it became a natural progression to share with my clients…and I’d be happy to coach you as well. And the best part? The weight has stayed off. No more yo-yo'ing back and forth!  


About... Leslie's training: 


After I saw the improvements Pilates made to my quality of life, I decided to undergo an intensive training and certification program through Polestar Pilates (trained in Miami, Alameda, and Dallas). I am comprehensively trained and certified to teach Pilates mat (all levels), tower, chair, reformer, and barrel. As part of rehabilitative Pilates training, there was a heavy focus on identifying when modifications are needed and offering both modifications and progressions to ensure each client is performing exercises safely while also being challenged. Coupling my formal training with years of mat practice, I am able to offer sessions that are highly tailored to each client, no matter their athletic ability. 



My Google Reviews


“I started taking weekly privates with Leslie after having my son. It was the perfect work out to whip me back into shape post-baby. Within 6 weeks my core had regained its strength and 3 months in I was in better shape than I was pre-baby. Needless to say I have been hooked ever since. Leslie always knows exactly what my body needs and pushes me when I need to be pushed. She has also worked with my mom (foot and back issues) when she is in town and adapts seamlessly to suit both of our needs. I highly recommend her to both a Pilates newbie or if you are more advanced. Your core will thank you!”  -Sara


“Leslie is an outstanding coach. She helped me achieve goals I thought were impossible. Her positive energy translates to improved performance every week. The studio is beautiful.”  -Cheryl


“If you are looking for an excellent workout in a professional, quiet and beautiful space, try Providence Pilates. Leslie takes her time to gear the workout around your needs while focusing on any injuries you may have. Excellent experience every time!”  -Jennifer


“After three shoulder surgeries and months of rehab, my physical therapist recommended I see Leslie for one-on-one Pilates training. She continued to rehab my shoulder until I regained my full strength, all the while pushing the rest of my body for a full body workout. If you want custom workouts every session, in the comfort of a private studio, this is the place for you.”  -Cris


“I have been with Leslie nearly 2 years. During that time my strength, flexibility, posture, and most importantly, my balance have improved tremendously.”  -Jan


“I can't say enough about Leslie and the wonderful environment she provides. She works very hard to know how each person's body works. Leslie pushes me every session and I always get a full body workout. Only Leslie can make me feel both exhausted and energized afterwards!”  -Tiffany



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